Smart Cookie

Smart Cookie Commission to create an illustration and visual identity for Hollywood film production company "Smart Cookie". Hand drawn in pencil, converted to vector & coloured in illustrator. Additionally created a 10 sec video promo in After Effects to be screened prior to a film rolling. Software Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects Role Illustrator / Designer Read More

Culture Club

Culture Club Early stage pitch work for a Los Angeles based medicinal cannabis pre-roll brand. Project Role Graphic Designer Software Illustrator & Photoshop Read More

“BRIGHT” Movie

BRIGHT (Movie) Directed by David Ayer for Netflix in 2017. I was commissioned by a Producer of the film to design a range of graphics featured in the movie. "Defend Raza" gang patches, "NATSERCO" private military contractors, and a range of promotional Tees using elements from the BRIGHT world for use as promo giveaways. I… Read More

“Suicide Squad” Movie

Suicide Squad (Movie) Directed by David Ayer in 2016. I was commissioned by a Producer of the film to design Police & SWAT badges/emblems from scratch for officers in a fictional town called Amnesty Bay. I also created costume mood boards for the character "The Trickster" Additionally I designed limited edition patches that were gifted… Read More

The Bureau of Misinformation

The Bureau of Misinformation Logo design for a well known Burning Man theme camp. I originally designed the logo back in 2012 since then the camp has grown massively and it's become an iconic design proudly represented by hundreds of burners who associate with the Bureau. I also painted two large murals that are seen… Read More